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Naturism pictures naked families

Genius is probaly something somewhere on the autism scale. There are people who can draw very complex buildings or other intricate objects from one glance and get the exactly the numbers of windows and other features exactly right. This is, however, no indication of their general ability or rational reasoning skills. Just because this boy can imbibe and regurgitate information says nothing about his philosophical or intellectual development: his understanding of the history of ideas and concepts. This is just another pathetic attempt by religious apologists to pretend that there is a point to their hyena shit. The word "genius" is bandied about too readily

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Mazurisar | 19.04.2018
Sadal | 24.04.2018
Wow. This are all facts?
Meztilabar | 29.04.2018
From the article
Juzuru | 03.05.2018
"Delirium"?......lol is that real?????
Sanris | 04.05.2018
Um hm um um um um uh oh
Terisar | 06.05.2018
Prior to 8th Century actually
Arashitaur | 14.05.2018
I?m sure you?ll meet plenty of great people here
Nikot | 23.05.2018
We're plus one GMT
Doukus | 29.05.2018
Every person does this? I don't.
Aragami | 07.06.2018
Enjoy your 3 day ban. Comment Deleted.
Nikogul | 17.06.2018
Yes. Exactly as you perceive... maybe?
Bataxe | 26.06.2018
Hot as hades ??????
Samushakar | 07.07.2018
Oh, ouch... you really cut me to the quick.
Kikasa | 11.07.2018
How so, I want to know?
Grojind | 17.07.2018
From your cited article, the view I hold:
Goltigal | 20.07.2018
This is how I roll:
Nashicage | 24.07.2018
Yes and we know why that happened too!
Femi | 26.07.2018
Oh, shoot, I'm totally wrong. Joel 2:31
Fauzil | 02.08.2018
Wasting time just because you can. Got it.
Doujas | 03.08.2018
Agreed. That straw man you created is quite despicable.
Tojalkis | 05.08.2018
It is a legal crosswalk.
Nenos | 10.08.2018
points! I love a good pun
Taulkis | 16.08.2018
-you got me! hahaha
Mishura | 21.08.2018
So what if it's written?
Kagataur | 29.08.2018
IN the UK white couples cant adopt across races
Naturism pictures naked families
Naturism pictures naked families

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