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Okay, I'll make the first comment, as I was asked. I'll also point out that Kyle also points out that he and Jimmy Dore, another liberal, are very critical of the "Russia-gate" story.

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Mut | 19.04.2018
Lol I'll just trust you then ;)
Tygot | 27.04.2018
This behavior is not wanted on Breaking News, Billyrb.
Zuk | 01.05.2018
You have deficits in drawing accurate conclusions.
Nilkis | 05.05.2018
Too many YouTube conspiracy videos?
Mezimuro | 15.05.2018
Like Popeye said...I yams what I yam
Meztinris | 18.05.2018
Toss him back over let Mexico deal with it.
Tygodal | 23.05.2018
Try looking at footage.
Arashirr | 27.05.2018
Sure. Follow the link previously shared here:
Sar | 02.06.2018
lime or cherry jello?
Moogugrel | 11.06.2018
100 and couldn't agree more.
Bam | 15.06.2018
From your cited article, the view I hold:
Dobar | 17.06.2018
Only Jews are Abrahamic. Not that popular.
Tygotilar | 18.06.2018
Alternative headline "Muslims hassled by Douchenozzles"
Migar | 20.06.2018
Did you actually read your link?
Gardacage | 28.06.2018
I have. In other posts.
Vik | 29.06.2018
Back off the mod bashing here denna.
Zulkibei | 06.07.2018
theverymostvindictivebastard that we've ever known--
Goltitilar | 09.07.2018
XD I want to READ minds; not CONTROL them!
Mezikree | 11.07.2018
That's the little sting to keep things moving.
Akinom | 18.07.2018
In which regards, son?
Kegor | 24.07.2018
Yes, coming from so called "Right Wingers" who
Monique deep anal
Monique deep anal

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