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I have NO burden whatsoever. I'm an ambassador of Christ(2Cor. 5:20; Ephesians 6:20) with the good news of the gospel how to be saved. The gospel is in 1Cor. 15:3,4 and to be saved all you need do is BELIEVE it(Romans 1:16). The sinners prayer is also in Romans 10:9,10,13. That's my responsibility to you. Now, heaven or hell is your CHOICE.

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Gorn | 11.04.2018
JB you are more pika fan than me :P
Bacage | 19.04.2018
Free Speech, another amendment under attack by the leftists
Meztizilkree | 20.04.2018
Or your own house, tax free.
Nekazahn | 24.04.2018
Her name is Veruca James
Arashitilar | 02.05.2018
You can't hardwire the ineffable.
Bragar | 11.05.2018
I agree it?s more political than racial
Vit | 13.05.2018
and in effect creating a church?
Juk | 19.05.2018
Refreshing change from the last administration.
Zulkigami | 23.05.2018
It's someone who has pride and joy
Vojora | 29.05.2018
So you'll be leaving the board, then?
Doukora | 08.06.2018
Oh yeah they do
Mozahn | 17.06.2018
Not interested in doing your homework for you.
Maushura | 19.06.2018
that's okay with me.
Vudolkis | 20.06.2018
Thought this might be of interest.
Tygojind | 25.06.2018
Please furnish a cite for:
Faut | 29.06.2018
No way? Have fun girl!!!
Yozshutaxe | 30.06.2018
1. Atheists are smarter
Kezragore | 06.07.2018
Of course ........ and make many different shapes
Samutilar | 13.07.2018
I got those right. Don't ask, don't tell.
Fekazahn | 14.07.2018
That's nice.. what you studying
Gashakar | 17.07.2018
Dodge what? The fact that I am calling nonsense.nonsense?
Kigacage | 19.07.2018
that sucks.. do you have the firestick ??
Kiktilar | 28.07.2018
"You admit bias but then say it?s deserved."
Hotties Sex Video

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