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Easy to say when the greeting fits your religion, but look how strongly you react when the greeting is change to something YOU don't want to hear. If it's not a source of discomfort, why are you so uncomortable with one second of your life being filled with Happy Holidays! instead of Merry Christmas ?

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Kebar | 26.07.2018
how are you ??
Kezshura | 30.07.2018
Lol I would be 34 by then
Tygozil | 03.08.2018
Well said, Bogdan Sunder.
Turisar | 11.08.2018
it's 4:30 PM still 5 to 6 hour
Kenos | 15.08.2018
I just gave you an example.
Vutaxe | 18.08.2018
Let me guess, the gay cake scenario.
Kagak | 20.08.2018
Not GreenFlag, GreenLantern does ; )
Grobei | 29.08.2018
Clonals topside are relatively young.100s of years old.
Shakaktilar | 08.09.2018
Oh?  Does that mean you want to...wait for it...
Faerg | 12.09.2018
Don't worry about it: it's all nonsense
Doukus | 22.09.2018
be sure that im sure .have a good day.
Tulmaran | 23.09.2018
Do you remember Cruz' fascinating discoveries on Melania
Brara | 29.09.2018
Decades of social science research says otherwise.
Sakinos | 09.10.2018
Still..doesn't bother me unless its mine. ??
Tarr | 10.10.2018
You're not talking to a traitor here.
Gagar | 19.10.2018
"its "power" is fleeting to near nothing"
Nikomuro | 27.10.2018
I agree with that.
Zolotaur | 29.10.2018
I am unsure which is the movie star
Mautaxe | 31.10.2018
Why do your people watch others struggle and suffer.
Tubei | 10.11.2018
Then your point was what?
Shakarg | 17.11.2018
Strange that you cannot explain your message.
Dahn | 23.11.2018
Was your cat inside the orange juice container?
Nitilar | 01.12.2018
In fairness, I didn't say on Earth .
Vudogami | 05.12.2018
Prostitution is not found in the biblical account.
Faegul | 15.12.2018
Ok. It's called a boycott.
Tara | 18.12.2018
Which year got 65 MPG?
Zolorn | 21.12.2018
Getting strattled by your friend was the shit
Nigor | 31.12.2018
Thank you so much dear?I'll do it now.
Bikini wax patong
Bikini wax patong

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