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If I am not mistaken, Genesis was copied from other Sumerian tales.

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Fenrizil | 18.04.2018
He also had an earthly mother.
Grosida | 26.04.2018
The attack is coming from the government
Faushura | 28.04.2018
Your right about that
Yoll | 04.05.2018
It's nothing like your handsome avatar.
Nir | 08.05.2018
Correct, its a continuum.
Balrajas | 17.05.2018
Cultural appropriation doesn't exist. It's a lie.
Gardarr | 24.05.2018
It was intended to be temporary.
Zulkizuru | 25.05.2018
no, it comes with a side of bacon
Moogukazahn | 02.06.2018
Snoop Dogg the king of weed
Moogut | 08.06.2018
I answered that just right after...
Maramar | 13.06.2018
This is all on Trump.
Mazumi | 14.06.2018
Is Antifa able to protest peacefully?
Meztizshura | 18.06.2018
He appeared in toast a few times.
Groran | 23.06.2018
At least I didn't need to lie, like you.
Gojora | 28.06.2018
So how do you feel about scars ??
Mezirn | 07.07.2018
From the bible there were only
Nitaur | 11.07.2018
Think? Talk? Next to nobody bloody does these days.
Maumi | 13.07.2018
Ms-13... AND a vape pin? Is that guy satan?
Nijind | 17.07.2018
Yep, fired from their jobs.
Mikarg | 21.07.2018
A little worried, huh, Senator Nelson?
Nikasa | 22.07.2018
LOL! they know where to meet God ! Z
Tojazilkree | 24.07.2018
Explain please. The transit discussion should be subways only?
Bazahn | 27.07.2018
You did not address the point I made.
Sexx with quaen of chinese

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