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  • 12.04.2018
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Lesbians in show business

Hope is all we have. Trump, and especially this pathetic congress, who?ve clearly abdicated its duties out of fear of angering Trump, enable fear & hatred to grow. So yes, I hope you?re right.

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Mot | 15.04.2018
Gualtieri for President!! Well, maybe a bit overcooked.... :-)
Tygogore | 21.04.2018
LOVE that song! Beautiful! Amen!
Kazrakinos | 28.04.2018
They're not as long as the science comes first.
Nikoshakar | 02.05.2018
Utterly wrong on all counts.
Mojind | 03.05.2018
God as a slave regulator? That's morally repugnant.
Arashile | 06.05.2018
The vice president's Commission says they didn't find any
Gum | 15.05.2018
So in the long run who really exists ?
Fenrisida | 24.05.2018
????????hahaha my lovely Campaigner ??????
Tajind | 28.05.2018
Yup sh knew she wouldn't last long
Dilar | 29.05.2018
They will send Mueller after you.
Guzragore | 02.06.2018
those two articles I cited.
Tygokasa | 03.06.2018
"Turn in your swords!....Only samurai need swords!"
Kagalkis | 08.06.2018
We have a lot of information in the US
Fenrigis | 17.06.2018
I?ve ignored about a hundred posts until today.
Magrel | 19.06.2018
Dicey? It gets downright pernicious.
Fegore | 27.06.2018
I have a confession.
Lesbians in show business
Lesbians in show business

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