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Good. they never felt insecure enough to pressurize everyone to follow a certain line. Compulsory attendance in religious affair is quite bad.

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Mukus | 12.04.2018
So God has to do without?
Fauk | 22.04.2018
Better yet, go harass someone else with your bullshit.
Tojin | 28.04.2018
first, I'm a natural born American, living in America.
Tygokinos | 07.05.2018
Haha I try :p
Volrajas | 14.05.2018
What do you WANT to see?
Mukasa | 14.05.2018
Are you hard of reading?
Digrel | 18.05.2018
How would I decide what?
Samutilar | 21.05.2018
By pushing the electrons around! I knew it!
Kajigul | 28.05.2018
Well there you go with your alternate reality again.
Dugal | 30.05.2018
I can tag him... He's back babe.
Fat girl old man

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