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  • 13.04.2018
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Black on black fuck fest

The confusion may be in the fact that i said Son of Man. JESUS our Supeme LORD is not the Son of any. HE is GOD in HIS incarnate Manifestation. GOD is not the offspring of any. The Son of GOD is Father Adam (H.E)from Genesis. He is called Man. The Son of Man is therefore the Son of Adam (H.E), which was defined in the life of seth, the Son of Adam (H.E).

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Daibar | 24.04.2018
When you?re on your high horse or off?
Tulkis | 02.05.2018
And the republicans stepped up.
Majar | 06.05.2018
Damn. Almost an upskirt.
Yogis | 09.05.2018
we know YOU are the BULLSHITTER
Kajitaxe | 11.05.2018
sigh Not worth my kungfu.
Tygogar | 19.05.2018
No, that was attempted comprehension
Gardalrajas | 26.05.2018
That?s not how it goes. ??
Mehn | 04.06.2018
That is actually the anti-theist position.
Maujind | 09.06.2018
Hey look! It's "Ms. Slacker from CA" who's back!!!!!!
Dushicage | 20.06.2018
Not in the face of ignorant and idiotic statements.
Kigalkree | 20.06.2018
Of course not handsome!!
Black on black fuck fest

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