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  • 13.04.2018
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Gloria velez and sex

I call them Bogus because that's exactly what they are! They are false migrants crossing our border from a Country where they are Not in fear of their lives & cannot prove they are religiously or politically being persecuted! That's why they are not using the legal border crossings because they Know they would be turned back & handed off to U.S. Border Agents. Scarborough is a wealth area, just imagine if some people just decided to move into a house that was empty, people on holidays. There are places where squatters abound & it usually takes a very long time for the Justice System to extricate them. Canada is Now one of those places. Also, they are definitely Not like all newcomers, they are jumping to the front of the line & They are Spitting on the Deserving Refugees & Immigrants!

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Kagazshura | 18.04.2018
Which is to say just barely.
Fenrishicage | 20.04.2018
then i've misunderstood the policy here.
Nakora | 24.04.2018
Really don?t get what you?re trying to say?
Zoloramar | 30.04.2018
Actually better at Chess!
Kazijinn | 08.05.2018
I wonder how long the Dems will blame every
Mazujind | 12.05.2018
I need to save this lol
Malajind | 18.05.2018
Playboy Playmate circa early 80's, Alana Soares.
Arashigul | 19.05.2018
Interesting how you picked the third definition.
Meztir | 21.05.2018
I agree. Good place to start.
Zulkizil | 25.05.2018
Anyway, very interesting thread, good amazing job Maria Antoniou
Shakagami | 30.05.2018
You too dear.. have you had your breakfast
Tozshura | 06.06.2018
And $0.62 USD in 2018 Ontario dollars is...
Vudozuru | 15.06.2018
Looks like they need to decrease their Executive compensation.
Tozil | 19.06.2018
First, at one point it did require evidence, yes.
Gusho | 20.06.2018
Good night and see you tomorrow.
Zuluzil | 27.06.2018
Last time.let it go and move along.
Aradal | 03.07.2018
Yahweh, like all Gods, wants slaves.
Taugor | 09.07.2018
It's really pretty simple.
Kalar | 12.07.2018
Hmmmm that was too easy...:)
Kazrajora | 17.07.2018
This is about enforcement of rules.
Akimuro | 21.07.2018
Sure, the more poor people having babies the better
Moogugor | 27.07.2018
No, and neither did you. Bye!
Malajind | 04.08.2018
The existence of evil demonstrates the existence of God.
Akishicage | 08.08.2018
Proving him a bigot, I think
Nizuru | 17.08.2018
A win for Missouri workers.
Tojazshura | 23.08.2018
Help me escape from here
Vohn | 30.08.2018
?Didn?t you ever hear of women?s lib??
Gloria velez and sex

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